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About Green Tree Pros

If there is a dead or hazardous tree, or if it is in a bad locatino and urgently needs to be removed, this is what Green Tree Pros specializes in. With a whole tree chipper and a 120" crane we can take care of any tree anywhere you have it. Our staff are all Certified Arborists and have a lot of experience in removing large trees.

What are our services?

Tree Pruning

A tree will take a lifetime to replace. In order to stay healthy and looking their best they require regular inspections and pruning. This is where our pros come in. They can do:

  • Pruning of large shade trees
  • Ornamental tree pruning
  • Tree thinning to allow more light
  • Vrazing and cabling
  • Pruning of dead and harzardous limbs

All our climbers have between 5 and 15 years of professional pruning and tree climbing. For tough jobs we have a bucket truck to go around wires and various obstacles.

Tree Removal

When you want to have graden or lawn space sometimes it is necessary to grind down a stump, we can grind stumps down to 4" below grade. If you require the stump to be pulled out, either if you want a new tree planted or if you just need more space, we can use our backhoes to completely remove the stump, at an additional cost.

Tree Health Evaluations

We have a professional Arborist on staff with more than 20 years of experience. He is certified for pesticide application and authorized to treat trees with Mauget Micro-Injection. If you need a comprehensive survey of your tree's needs, his services are available on a fee basis.