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When a tree needs to be cut down, call the experts at Green Tree Pros. Our experts can help you decide whether or not a tree should be removed. Our team has the skills and equipment to safely and efficiently remove any tree.

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Alex R.

Great service. Though I thought that the removal of the mulch from the stump should have been included in the service. Great service with reasonable prices.

Carla P.

Their price was fairly reasonable compared to other estimates that I had received. They did an excellent job on a VERY hot day.

Kelly D.

Green Tree Pros did a really nice job. Honored their committment. Especially after the storms we had in the area the end of june.

State-of-the-Art Technique

Our tree service companies are able to handle large and small jobs with absolute dedication to the beautification and maintenance of your property.

Customer Service

Our attention to the reputation of our employees assures clients that no matter what city, the tree service company we represent is the best in the area.

Competitive Prices

We make sure that all of our tree service companies are sensitive to your budget, regardless of which type of tree service you need.


Our professional tree companies commitment to excellence does not, however, mean it comes at an unreachable price!

Green Tree Pros

We at Green Tree Pros have always held the belief that the only way for a company to succeed is to be the very best in their field, and they only way to do that is to offer the best work with the best technicians for the most people. That became our goal: to become the best tree service provider on the market. It’s why we began developing a tree service network that performs a wide variety of tree service projects in nearly every part of the U.S. Of course, we had to start small, with just a few years of experience and a small crew but with some hard work and dedication we soon began to grow and our quality of work grew with us. Our small company quickly developed a reputation for having a wide variety of specialties, as we began incorporating everything from tree removal services to expert tree pruning teams into our organization and word soon spread about the high quality of work we insisted on providing with each of our contracts.

Pretty soon we got to thinking that, while our little service was doing well and getting good reviews in our area, our goal demanded a more universal approach. So, we began making connections with contractors in areas of coverage outside our own who could offer everything from landscaping expertise to tree cutting experience, from forest-sized tree trimming to residential tree removal services. By that time, our reputation had developed to a point that we could pick and choose the quality of contractors we connected with and so we were sure to research each one to make sure that any tree service affiliated with us lived up to the Green Tree Pros standards. That growth and connection is still constantly increasing as we do all we can to become the best source for tree trimming, tree cutting, tree removal, tree everything in the United States and that’s why customers can always expect to get the best service possible when they rely on Green Tree Pros contractors no matter where they live. So, take a look through some of our services and testimonials and feel free to arrange a free on-site estimate with one of our local technicians. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did.


Will heavy machinery be used on my tree cutting project?

Depending on the work you’re interested in, heavy equipment may be required to safely and thoroughly perform the necessary steps. However, we guarantee to alert you if this is the case, and to prevent as much damage to your property as possible while the project is underway.

When should my tree pruning be scheduled for?

The ideal time to tend to a tree will vary from species to species. However it is usually recommended that you seek tree trimming services in late fall in regions that frequently get large amounts of heavy winter snow, which can snap weakened branches and lead to dangerous and costly conditions.

How many workers should I expect on my property?

The size of the team performing your tree service will entirely depend on the work that you schedule. A basic tree trimming will usually only involve a few technicians but more complex, large-scale jobs will demand more manpower to assure that the work is done safely and completely. Estimates of the team required, as well as the expected length needed to complete the project are provided in our completely free quote and consultation.

How do I know if my tree needs cutting down?

The necessity of tree removal can sometimes be difficult to identify but certain signs like apparent illness in the tree, apparent damage to nearby structures, and plainly dangerous conditions are clear indicators that a tree should be removed. If you have any doubt about the trees on your property contact us to schedule a free assessment of the situation.

Are trees a good investment?

Yes! Trees have been shown to reduce a household’s fuel costs and increase its real-estate value in most parts of the U.S. Plus, they have clear health benefits as they reduce carbon dioxide in the air and increase breathable oxygen. Tree trimming service and use of things like fertilizer and other nutrients increase the lastability of this investment greatly.